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2nd Gen Biofuels/ Biochemicals
Benefits of Biofuels


Successful development of second generation biofuels and biochemicals would imply numerous advantages and make them highly competitive with petrolum based products.



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Second Generation Biofuels/ Biochemicals

  The term second generation means that, contrary to biofuels and biochemicals of the first generation (e.g. bioethanol from sugar or starch containing plants or biodiesel from rape seed or palm oil), raw materials are used which are not used for the production of food products. These include mainly lignocellulosic raw materials such as energy plants where the whole plant is processed, straw, wood and various agricultural and wood processing waste products, such as organic waste. This implies that production of second generation biofuels and biochemicals does not compete directly with food production for crops which is a great benefit. Thus, biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass represent a good alternative to petroleum based products.


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